Java Error 26011


Nearly 50% of all those who try to install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) encounter error messages. And one of the main reasons for encountering these error messages is because the user’s computer system was not up-to-date with the required system requirements. For example, if you are running Windows 2000, then you need to make sure that you have “service pack 2” and not just service pack 1 installed on your copy of Windows 2000. Not having applied any service packs to the operating system results in the generation of Java installation errors. A service pack contains various error and security fixes for Microsoft products. It is advisable to apply service packs as soon as they become available.

However, at times even though you might have all the necessary updates installed on your computer, the JRE installation may still result in various error messages such as the error 26011 stating that rt unpacking has failed when you try to install Java 6.0 or even try to update Java to upgrade 10 (6u10) or higher. Many of those who might encounter this error during the Java software installation process notice a message box displaying the following error:

Error 26011: Unpacking rt failed.

Error 26011 is an InstallShield error code indicating that the installation process has failed. states that this error usually crops up when the user tries to install or update Java on a machine having less disk space. However, various forum websites have stated that it is the antivirus software protection system installed on your computer that causes this error or that the installation file you downloaded got corrupted during the download process. All Windows platform systems and most Internet Explorer browsers are susceptible to this error.


Since the file is quite big, maintains that you should have a minimum of 100 MB available on the drive to which you are installing it, preferably the C drive though some users have complained that even though they had more than 3 GB available on the C drive, they still got this error.

Another more beneficial method to try that has proved to be successful for a number of Java users is to disable the auto protection system of the antivirus system you have installed on the computer after first disconnecting from the internet. Many users using Panda Antivirus found that disabling the Panda Antivirus before installing Java usually worked for them as they were able to continue through and successfully complete the installation process.

A lot of research has also shown that even Norton 2002 replaces the MAPI lookup entries in a VS6 data table by linking them to some of its own components due to which the setup files failed to load. So it is advisable to disable the auto protection feature of Norton, as Norton tends to detect the Java.exe executable file as a virus. Those who encountered this 26011 error and downloaded the setup file again got some relief as they were able to update Java, however, some others still encountered the same error even though they had a newly downloaded installation file.

It will be worthwhile to wait and see whether Java posts a response to this error 26011 resulting from a confliction between antivirus softwares and its update file.

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